An Industry Insider’s Guide To Buying Wallpaper

Buying and hanging wallpaper can sometimes seem like a daunting task, so much so that it can put you off altogether. However, that would be doing yourself and your home a disservice so I’ve put together a handy guide of tips and advice for buying wallpaper.

Firstly, wallpaper does not have to be a luxury only afforded to homeowners! Self-adhesive wallpaper is so quick, straightforward and easy to remove that it can effectively function as temporary wallpaper. Renters need not be put off by the supposed permanent nature of wallpaper. What’s more, self-adhesive wallpaper is perfect for temporary installations in the home, office or a hospitality venue. Cool wallpaper can work as a photo mural or an advertisement as well as livening up any room so never rule it out when thinking about decorating!

One potential point of confusion for first-time wallpaper users is the question of wallpaper borders – what do they do, do they work and are they necessary? Wallpaper borders are narrow strips of wallpaper that are placed horizontally over the primary wallpaper either at the top or the bottom (hence the term wallpaper border). Their role is usually to cover uneven application of wallpaper but they can also work as a kind of frame. Personally, I think choosing wallpaper borders for design purposes can work occasionally but a more traditional look is almost always better. As for covering up uneven application; wallpaper borders are a great way to smarten up any rough edges but I’d advise watching a few more videos and taking a bit more time applying the wallpaper so as to save you time and money in the long run.

Choosing the design of your wallpaper is so important. Brian Eno once described wallpaper as “a discreet kind of music to be gently played on walls”. While being subtle, wallpaper can completely change the atmosphere of a room. I always recommend either using a sample or at least visualising how a certain wallpaper design would look in the context of every specific room. In terms of design preferences, don’t be afraid to do things your own way. People always ask: can you turn a photo into wallpaper or can I design my own wallpaper? The answer to both of which is a resounding yes! And not only can you, you should! Great interior decor is all about innovation and originality so get creative, check out our website for more wallpaper ideas and to start making your own wallpaper today (nudge nudge wink wink). 

Always, always, always accurately measure out your wall before ordering wallpaper. This one may seem a bit silly but you’d be surprised how often it seems to be an oversight and customers end up with rolls of spare wallpaper or unattractive gaps in the coverage. Get a tape measure and work out the dimensions of your wall as precisely as you can to the nearest centimetre. Then do it again. And a third time. Then make your order. Trust me, better safe than sorry.

Finally, it’s always worth checking to make sure you’re getting a good price for your wallpaper. Don’t settle for the first one you find from the biggest websites; I can guarantee there is almost always a similar (or better) design elsewhere for a bit less. Cheap wallpaper is out there and it’s just as good. I’ll do a more detailed breakdown of price comparisons for wallpapers and their distributors so stay tuned for that!

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