Why Self-Adhesive Wallpaper will Change Your Life (and reinvigorate your home!)

Self-adhesive wallpaper

Wall coverings have gone through something of a resurgence over the past few years in no small part due to the widespread introduction of self-adhesive wallpaper.


Why Personalised Wallpaper is the perfect gift this Christmas

Wallpaper Christmas Present

Christmastime has always been the time of year for family and that festive spirit is more important in 2020 than ever. We’ve all spent more time apart than we would have ever expected, isolating ourselves for the health of others so now is the time to show the people you love how much you’ve been thinking about them over the course of the year.


Wallpaper for Small Spaces

Decorating a small space

People often think that wallpaper needs to take up large spaces, acting as an ambient background for an entire wall or room. At SelfieWallpaper we think that’s a silly limitation that restricts the ways in which wallpaper can make your home more beautiful.


10 Top Quality Horror Movie Posters for Halloween

10 of the best horror movie posters for you to feast your eyes on in the lead up to Halloween.


Five Spots For Wallpaper At Home

Wallpaper is sometimes unfairly written off when it comes to interior design – people think they can never find the right place for it in their home. Well in this article we run through some of the best spots for wallpaper in the home that you might not have thought of and give some reasons as to why wallpaper should be at the forefront of your minds when it comes to decorating!


Nine Cool Personalised Wallpaper Ideas

Deciding how you want to decorate the walls in your home can be difficult. Finding something that’s personal, stylish and suits the room is tricky but, never fear; designing your own wallpaper from photos and images is a great way to create something beautiful and unique to you. But, I hear you cry, what kinds of photos are best for a cool wallpaper? Well, I’ve put together a list of nine potential wallpaper ideas that could work for you!


A Brief History of Wallpaper in the U.K

With it being International Wallpaper Week (check out their website to see all the amazing stuff they’re doing) I thought there’s no better time to write a brief history of wallpaper in the U.K. Wallpaper has a long rich history in this country dating all the way back to the Renaissance Period and it marked a transition away from the tapestry decorations of the Middle Ages, which were simply too expensive for the newer members of the elite.


An Industry Insider’s Guide To Buying Wallpaper

Buying and hanging wallpaper can sometimes seem like a daunting task, so much so that it can put you off altogether. However, that would be doing yourself and your home a disservice so I’ve put together a handy guide of tips and advice for buying wallpaper.