The series of video’s below go through how to set up a Wallpaper project with SelfieWallpaper

SelfieWallpaper – an introduction and how to measure a wall 3mins

SelfieWallpaper – Explaining the Designs styles available 8 mins

The next video’s deal with installing the wallpaper on your wall.

Installing self adhesive wallpaper on a glass window 7mins

Removing Self Adhesive wallpaper from a glass window 3mins


How do I measure the wall?

Please measure and then measure again – measure the widest and tallest parts. Add an extra 6-10cm to the height and width of your wall. Over sizing is fine you can always trim off the excess. If you under size the measurements then you have a problem. So for example, taking an excess of 10cm, if the dimensions of your wall are height 2.4 Metres and width 3.2 Metres, enter the dimensions of your wallpaper as 2.5m and 3.3m



Is the image quality going to be good enough when it gets printed?

Use the best quality images you have. If it is going to be considerably enlarged to fit your wall then you want it good enough quality so that it does not pixelate when it is enlarged.

Before it is printed our team will review it for print quality.

A camera on a smart phone will create images typically of 5Mb as standard. Please supply us with this image as it has the most detail.

Often images will be posted up to social media and this process will automatically reduce the size and image quality simply because when viewing an image on a screen you will not notice the difference. However if you want to print them from the web, the detail will not be there any longer. This is also applicable sometimes when storing your images in the cloud, some systems will reduce the image sizes. If you see the option to reduce image size do not select it, keep your images with the detail that the camera originally snapped!

How many pictures do I need to make my wallpaper? 

This is for you to decide, here are a few considerations…

In the old days when you sent your pictures off to be processed, standard snaps were 6” x 4” (15cm x 10cm) you could get 67 of them in one square metre.

Bigger snaps 9” x 6” (23cm x 15cm) take 29 to cover one square metre.

A4 size prints 11.5” x 8” (30cm x 21cm) take 16 to cover one square metre.

Broadly speaking I would not have too many as 6”x 4” sizes would be too over-powering for the eye.  About 10 – 20 images per SQM I think is quite pleasing and you won’t go wrong.

Generally making things bigger than usual is pleasing to the eye, however you might run into problems with the resolution if you enlarge images too much!

More info

These days a standard mobile phone will take pictures with sizes of say 5Mb. It is difficult to say how big can you print a 5Mb image because there are a lot of variables, including personal judgement, viewing distance, initial resolution (pixels) and DPI (ink dots per inch on printed image).

As a rule of thumb if you are getting 3-5Mb images from your camera –  you should be able to print them quite large so say 4 images per SQM and don’t be afraid of going large if you want.

We recently had a 3.5Mb image, when printed on wallpaper 50cm x 85cm (which is 2.4 pics per SQM) it came out great.

However if you are looking for your mural to be composed of a single image then much more though and planning is required to be sure the final result is of good enough quality.

Will the wallpaper colours be the same as on my screen?

The colour match of the printed wallpaper will vary a little compared to the device screen that you have, as it is a different media but it should be quite close. Even the colour of your image seen on a smartphone will be slightly different to the image if viewed on another device such as your PC or Mac.