Five Ways To Bring Family Together Despite Restrictions

DIY Projects
DIY is a total chore, right? Well the very fine people at the International Wallpaper Week might disagree. According to them 94% of people doing DIY recently have found it good for their mental health AND 64% of parents said their kids got involved with it too! Using the time inside to work on a project as a family is a great way bring you together and build something that will last. Custom wallpaper murals are a great way to engage with DIY as well as indulge your creative side by getting the chance to design your own wallpaper. Check out this one where they have used family photos to make the process even more personal and family-oriented!

Heading into the colder months sport tends to move inside but with the limit of six people meeting sporting options aren’t as plentiful as usual. However don’t let that stop you and your family trying something that might be new for you all! Climbing has surged in popularity over the past few years and what better time to take up the indoor sport than (hopefully) just a few months before its initation into the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2021. If you’re looking for something a bit more communal, badminton is a great way to keep fit and play together in a small group!

Cook Together
Students returning to university has reminded me of my own Fresher’s Week and how few of my cohort had arrived to halls with any cooking knowledge whatsoever. Now is the perfect time to teach your children some basic recipes (chilli, bolognese or carbonara spring to mind) that will enable them to masquerade as culinary geniuses in years to come (or at least that worked for me…) Not only is cooking a great life skill to impart on kids; it’ll pay off when they start making the evening meal for you!

Video Games
Generational gap be gone! The days of video games being exclusively for the youngest generation are long gone and it’s a mainstream beliefe thatr games can be a great way to unwind and discover stories while having real cognitive benefits. As a parent playing video games with your children can be a great way to bond with them on their terms and step into their world, just don’t be too disheatened if you take a beating! Some great ones at the moment are Fall Guys and Among Us.

Learn a Creative New Skill
Learning something new is always a good family activity but with our leisure activites restricted there’s no better time to take on the challenge. It could be painting, a new language or even magic tricks; progressively mastering something new is excellent for everyone’s mental health and the shared experience and struggle will make you family closer than ever. Of course, in person tutoring isn’t always an option at the moment but there are tons of great teachers taking their classes online!

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