Hanging Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper isn’t as complicated as it traditionally used to be, by using “paste the wall” wallpaper. You do not need to apply the paste to the wallpaper, fold it and let it soak in, before hanging it. Instead you just “paste the wall”, this also does away with a pasting table.

We use modern non-woven wallpaper and this does not shrink after drying, so does not leave an unsightly gap between strips/panels which you might have notice in the “olden days”.

Depending on your skill and confidence level you might want to employ a professional. However if you consider yourself to be able to do DIY jobs but have not hung wallpaper before then hanging a mural is very DO-ABLE. However I would advise to work slowly and be meticulous, make sure you have the right tools and consult YouTube to get familiar with the tasks and do the basic steps correctly. Perhaps practise somewhere else on lining paper or cheap paper before you go to town on your beautiful personalised bespoke wallpaper!

Hanging a mural is a little different to off the shelf wallpaper as you have to match up the strips/panels when hanging. The strips come with a 10mm overlap so you can join them perfectly together. Once matched, you will then need to perform a “double cut” DOWN the overlapped joint using a long rule and sharp knife. You then pull away the two roughly 5mm thin off-cuts leaving a perfect join.

For more info also read up on the different wallpaper type that we offer.

To Recap…

Use the correct tools such as Step ladders, plumb line, level, smoother/spatula/squeegee, long rule, sharp “snap-off” blades, sponge, “paste the wall” glue, seam roller

Watch tutorials to grasp the basics such as – where to start (usually the second panel), make sure the drop is vertical (use a plumb line), work any air pockets out, etc.

Below are some links that will give you a solid grounding for the task. Use YouTube for quick tutorials – this is always worth doing.

Murals Your Way  Time: 10:48; Great video, you need to watch it! This true professional is old-school and pastes the wallpaper, notice the polycarbonate seam, you can probably get away without using this, but this is a good example of a “double cut” (Time 5:20 to 6:40). Remember to always use a downwards action when cutting.

How to hang non-woven wallpaper  Time: 4:48; This is a quick quide to standard off the shelf paste the wall wallpaper

How to Hang Printed Wallpaper with glue  Time: 3:48.

Take your time, use the correct tools.

Start on the second roll/panel, make sure you draw a vertical line

Use the smoother to work any air bubles out of the wallpaper

When trimming the paper or doing the double cut try to minimise taking the blade away from the wall if you can, use a downward action when cutting.