• Get your images together

    Put your picture files in one folder. If you have pictures that you want more prominence then rename them 1sw, 2sw, 3sw etc (sw stands for selfie wallpaper) and we will place them accordingly.

    You are now in a position to upload these files to us – Our preferred method is WeTransfer, go to www.wetransfer.com, follow the simple instructions, select the folder you have created our address is: files@selfiewallpaper.com

    Fill out a form to create your Design Project

  • Wall size:

    Tell us the HEIGHT and WIDTH of your wall.

  • Paper type:

    Choose the desired wallpaper type.

  • Creating a design style

    1. Select a Layout: Tiled, Scattered, Grid or Single Image
      • Tiled: Pictures arranged upright with no overlap, some pictures larger than others
      • Scattered: Pictures arranged with a margin of overlap and at low angles with a choice of similar sizes or differing sizes
      • Grid: All pictures arranged the same size, like a “contact sheet” useful when you want to give equal prominence to all photos, like a school class photo
      • Single Image: Transfer to us your ready image
    2. Colour: Colour, Black & White or Sepia, or a mixture
    3. Borders: No borders, Black borders or White borders