SelfieWallpaper is the perfect lockdown product

As we all return to our zoom quizzes, Joe Wicks exercise videos and maybe a second watch of Tiger King I’m here to tell you why a personalised wallpaper is exactly what you need to get you through the second UK lockdown.

Making one’s own wallpaper represents a project that allows you to be creative and relive fond memories – something that is all the more important when we’re cooped up. The process of first collating photos, receiving your wallpaper and then putting up the finished project helps make the days of lockdown unique and gives you something to look forward to, an important part of maintaining one’s mental health during this period as we discussed in our last blog. The DIY element of putting up your own wallpaper can also be beneficial for wellbeing as it instills a sense of pride and purpose.

Choosing your photos and images can be a collaborative activity, especially within a family unit. Lockdown represents a great opportunity to get closer with your family and the shared experience of selecting which photos you want to be a part of your collage is definitely a way to do that. The wallpaper can go up in kids’ bedrooms, wardrobes or shared spaces and will serve as a reminder of the work you all put in; you can even choose family photos for the wallpaper!

Family tree wallpaper
A SelfieWallpaper collage of family photos

Another reason why now is the ideal time to get yourself a beautiful wallpaper collage is the increased amount of time we’re all about to spend on Zoom. Investing in an attractive Zoom background will make you come across as more professional to your colleagues as well as impressing your friends. A personalised wallpaper will stand out and is likely to have a positive effect on people’s subconscious perception of you – perfect for important meetings or job interviews!

zoom background with selfiewallpaper

Interior decor and home renovation is the perfect hobby for lockdown. Not only does it give you the chance to be creative within your own home but new decorations and alterations to the living space are even more refreshing and liberating when we’re locked down. When we’re limited in where we can go and what we can do, making changes to the home offers a sense of variety and innovation that we are all craving. Being able to wake up and see something different does wonders for one’s mental state during this isolating period.

This lockdown is coming right in the run up to Christmas and will give us all a lot of time to mull over present ideas. There’s nothing better for your family than a wallpaper collage of your favourite pictures that showcase you all together. This could be for your significant other, your parents or your kids – personalised wallpapers go down well with everyone.

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