The Simple & Sophisticated Way to Build Your Own Mural

We do the design work for you! Send us your images and we’ll create your collage.

Wall size (HxW, in Metres)

Include in the measurement roughly an extra 0.1M (say 6-10cm) to the height and 0.1M (say 6-10cm) to the width to compensate for the wall possibly being out of square – for more info see FAQ Measuring

Paper type and Width

The surface area of your wallpaper is , the cost of your new unique wallpaper will be £25.
This is the final price you pay and includes all shipping and taxes.

Creating a DesignFor more examples and comparisons, check out styles

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We have the ability to convert your original images to Black & White, Sepia or a combination if required. Make your selection below.

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Your Details

(I certify that I own the copyrights to all images supplied or have been granted permission to use them for this wallpaper application.)

File Transfer

Finally if you have not done so already please put your picture files in one folder. If you have pictures that you want more prominence then rename them 1sw, 2sw, 3sw etc you can do this for up to 20 files.

Goto and follow the instructions to transfer the files to use.

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We will send you a confirmation email that we have received your files and are working on them!