Wallpaper for Small Spaces

Decorating a small space

People often think that wallpaper needs to take up large spaces, acting as an ambient background for an entire wall or room. At SelfieWallpaper we think that’s a silly limitation that restricts the ways in which wallpaper can make your home more beautiful. Custom photo wallpaper can also be perfect for small spaces. Personalised wallpaper can be used as an alternative to posters, adding a pop of colour or some personal meaning to a room but it offers a greater sense of permanence and changes the feel of a room in a way that posters cannot. The perfect sorts of photo wallpaper for this kind of project are family photos, kids’ artwork or photographs you have taken – all of these can make a room feel much more personal and unique without dominating the space. What’s more is; renters can even use self-adhesive wallpaper to decorate as it’s so easy to get on and off!

One potential smaller spot for photo wallpaper that I have mentioned here before is the inside of wardrobes. This is the perfect space to add a bit of decoration that is really personal. Wardrobe wallpaper isn’t going to be seen by too many guests and as such is often overlooked when it comes to interior decor but it’s worth remembering that you will be looking into that wardrobe several times every single day. A collage of family photos is the ideal addition here to make the process of choosing what to wear a more joyous one. Your home should be decorated for you and these personal touches are what make it special.

Another underrated place for personalised wallpaper is small, functional rooms e.g. dressing rooms or utility rooms. These parts of our homes are often looked over when it comes to decoration and renovations which is understandable as they constitute smaller parts of a property but just because a room is small does not mean it should be drab. These rooms can be elevated so much by a colourful photo wallpaper, perhaps using artwork by your children or taking some of your favourite photos and images from art, movies or music and making your own unique wallpaper!

Wallpaper can also be used as a decoration for part of a wall as opposed to offering complete coverage. By using a personalised photo wall mural for part of a wall rather than the whole thing, you give a room more versatility and make your unique wallpaper a feature to be admired rather than a background element of design. This means your one-of-a-kind design will get the attention and recognition it deserves.

In recent times a trend in the decoration of smaller bathrooms has been to include some sort of pun-laden “funny” poster. As one would expect, these gags have gone very stale very quickly and will at best elicit an exasperated sigh from whoever sees them. A fresher way to decorate your bathroom is a custom wallpaper that displays your excellent sense of interior design and shows off your family. 

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