Traditional wallpapers were woven, you pasted the wallpaper and then stuck it to the wall. The paper would be subjected to shrinkage and this could be problematic when hanging strips/panels together.

The NON-Woven paper we use does NOT shrink and the paste is applied to the wall not the paper so installation is much easier, however I would advise to work slowly and meticulous, consulting YouTube is always a good idea or get a professional to hang your wallpaper.

For more informtion on installation see the “Installation Help” link below

Photo Wallpaper, paste the wall, non woven 220gsm (60cm drop width) £21

This “paste the wall” digital print wallpaper comes in a matte finish with a smooth surface. It is think, robust and tear resistance with a subtle ingrain structure,  It holds rich colours beautifully and  can be wiped clean and is fire resistance (certified B1).

This paper comes in rolls of 60cm with a 1cm overlap so that the joins can be matched up perfectly. Then using a long rule and sharp blade a downward “double cut” is made to provide an exact join.

Self-Adhesive 250gsm (upto 120cm drop width) £24

This wallpaper is relatively new and known as “Peel and Stick”, although we recommend to “size” the wall first using a watered down wallpaper paste (this makes it easier to slide and position each strip on the wall).

Self-Adhesive is regarded as easy to install and the strips/panels come with a 20mmm overlap.

Our peel & Stick is made from vinyl material and there can be a degree of shrinkage, so we suggest that you either:

– Leave the 20mm overlap join on the wall if that is acceptable.

-Alternatively use a double cut to get a neat edge to edge finish on ajoining strips. We recommend once the wallpaper is up, leave it a week or to so so allow for any shrinkage, then do the double cut.