Traditional wallpapers were woven, you pasted the wallpaper and then stuck it to the wall. The paper would be subjected to shrinkage and this could be problematic when hanging strips/panels together.

The NON-Woven paper we use does NOT shrink and the paste is applied to the wall not the paper so installation is much easier, however I would advise to work slowly and meticulous, consulting YouTube is always a good idea or get a professional to hang your wallpaper.

For more informtion on installation see the “Installation Help” link below

Photo Wallpaper, paste the wall, non woven 220gsm (60cm drop width) £21

This “paste the wall” digital print wallpaper comes in a matte finish with a smooth surface. It is think, robust and tear resistance with a subtle ingrain structure,  It holds rich colours beautifully and  can be wiped clean and is fire resistance (certified B1).

This paper comes in rolls of 60cm with a 1cm overlap so that the joins can be matched up perfectly. Then using a long rule and sharp blade a downward “double cut” is made to provide an exact join.

Self-Adhesive 250gsm (100cm drop width) £30 – currently unavailable

This wallpaper is the relatively new known as “Peel and Stick” so no paste required to hang and can be removed easily. Easy to install and the strips/panels are hung edge to edge (no “double cut” required).

The peel & Stick is made from polyester fabric and can be removed  and reused without damage or loss of adhesion provided it has been stuck on suitable walls that have been prepared correctly – they need to be flat, smooth and clean, a coat of white vinyl emulsion is recommended that has been fully dried.