Why Personalised Wallpaper is the perfect gift this Christmas

Wallpaper Christmas Present

Christmastime has always been the time of year for family and that festive spirit is more important in 2020 than ever. We’ve all spent more time apart than we would have ever expected, isolating ourselves for the health of others so now is the time to show the people you love how much you’ve been thinking about them over the course of the year. Presents gifted and received this year will take on more meaning than those in previous years because of the difficulties presented by the pandemic so it’s the perfect year to buy something personal and unique for your family. Custom photo wallpaper is the ideal gift for the times we’re living through. Taking well-loved family photos and turning them into a wallpaper for everyone to enjoy is a great way to bring everyone together, giving all your loved ones something to appreciate and marvel on Christmas day.

Collating photos
Not only is personalised photo wallpaper an excellent gift to receive this year; there is tremendous joy to be found in preparing the gift too. The current lockdown in the U.K has given us all more free time and what better way to spend it than looking through old family photos, especially as so many of us can’t be with our families at the moment. It gives you time to reflect and appreciate what we have and the people we’ll be able to see whenever we come out of lockdown. Not only that, going over your archives of family photos and choosing your favourites can become a project to fill the dreary lockdown weekends!

A gift that will last
So many Christmas presents are only used for a few days (or hours) and then forgotten completely, left unused waiting to be given to a charity shop a few years down the line, not SelfieWallpaper. By giving your family some custom photo wallpaper you ensure it will be a Christmas to remember and the recipient will reap the rewards of your thoughtful present every day when it is hung in their home. Personalised wallpaper is something that will last a long time, emphasising how much your nearest and dearest mean to you.

Together, apart
We have no idea what government policy will be by Christmas this year. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to meet indoors but there’s no guarantee and for those of us with big families it looks as though we won’t be able to be all together by December. The difficulty of that situation for all of us is more reason to spend time making a family photo wallpaper. It’s a great way to bring us together even when we’re physically apart. Hanging personalised wallpaper that includes photos of your family makes you feel like they’re right there with you and can help replicate the normal Christmas feel in these abnormal times.

A family project
The period between Christmas and New Year is always a strange kind of purgatory, filled with leftovers, tidying up and the occasional family walk. Putting up wallpaper is a great activity to fill the time void that opens up at the end of December. The DIY aspect of this gift can bring structure to the sprawling days and becomes a project that you can take pride in. The family-oriented nature of the gift makes it the perfect excuse to turn DIY into a family activity, letting everyone be a part of the process of decorating your home. When everyone takes part in the hanging of the personalised wallpaper it takes on an even greater sense of personal meaning; the wallpaper serves as a reminder to a time when you all came together through a difficult period.

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