Why Self-Adhesive Wallpaper will Change Your Life (and reinvigorate your home!)

Self-adhesive wallpaper

Wall coverings have gone through something of a resurgence over the past few years in no small part due to the widespread introduction of self-adhesive wallpaper. 

Self-adhesive wallpaper works almost like a giant sticker and has a plethora of benefits when compared to other forms of wall decoration. In this post I’ve taken the time to list some of the main reasons why self-adhesive wallpaper is a great option to consider going forward.

Easy Application
Self-adhesive wallpaper just requires peeling off the paper backing and sticking the wallpaper up like a giant sticker. In certain circumstances you may need a very thin layer of watery wallpaper paste but far less than with traditional wallpaper. As is the case with all wallpaper, it’s best to have two people around when applying. An extra pair of hands is always useful especially if it’s a large wallpaper. 

Given that self-adhesive wallpaper is so easy to hang, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that it is just as easy to remove and it leaves no residue on the wall. If you take care when removing the wallpaper and make sure it is kept intact you’re able to reuse certain kinds of self-adhesive wallpaper too. This makes self-adhesive wallpaper the perfect decorating option if you’re a renter because you can enjoy all the benefits of wallpaper decoration and the walls will still appear untouched. It’s also a great choice if you’re moving house or like to redecorate regularly – you can move your self-adhesive wallpaper around your house or put it up and take it down depending on the season; it opens up far more possibilities than other kinds of wall decoration. 

Temporary Installations
The ease of application/removal of self-adhesive wallpaper means it lends itself to temporary installations and short-term changes of decor. It’s the perfect design for parties, birthdays, pranks or holidays and can be used for pretty much any kind of design change you want. The fact that self-adhesive wallpaper can be reused annually makes it a great option when thinking about Christmas decorations. Self-adhesive wallpaper can be used to cultivate a party atmosphere or to celebrate a birthday, especially if you use your own photos as part of the design. 

Durability & Versatility
Self-adhesive wallpaper is far more durable than the single-use, pre-pasted alternative. It’s not as permanent as traditional wallpaper but still lasts a long time resisting scratches and other forms of degradation. It isn’t quite as permanent as other wallpapers but stands up well to damage. Self-adhesive wallpaper can also be placed on glass as well as traditional walls and can work as a great window advertisement. It can just as easily last for a month as a temporary change of look or for many years.

Photo Wallpaper
The advent of personalised photo wallpaper has broadened the scope for what wallpaper can do even further. Custom photo wallpaper means you can create a wallpaper that commemorates an event, has a great deal of personal meaning or, by contrast, works as a joke present for a friend or family member. Self-adhesive photo wallpaper means you can hang anything on your wall without hassle or commitment to a long time period making it the ideal temporary decoration or present.

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